Seventeen Magazine New Moon special

Några av Jacksons "arbetskamrater" nämnde Jackson i en utgivining av Seventeen Magazine New Moon special.

Ashley Greene: “Edi [Gathegi, who plays Laurent] has this crazy woman voice that he can do. It’s insane; he sounds just like a woman! And so he called Jackson and told Jackson, ‘Hi, this is Kelly from production.’ Jackson was like, ‘Oh hey, what’s up?’ There were issues with everybody’s hair color and the cut and so they had just dyed it blonde. And so he was like, ‘We’re going to have to bring you into hair and makeup at 4:45am because we’re going to have to dye your hair back black.’ And Jackson was like, ‘Oh. Okay!’ Then Edi called him and was like, ‘Hey man, did you just get a call from this girl from production…what time do you have to go in?’ And Jackson was like, ‘4:45′ and he was like ‘oh.’ And he was like, ‘Did you talk to her?’ And he was like ‘Yeah,’ and then in his girl voice was like, ‘I am her!’ Jackson totally would’ve gotten up at 4:45 in the morning!”

Kellan Lutz:
“I knew Jackson already. His mom and my mom are really close friends in the church, so my mom was like ‘Oh, I’m so glad you’ve got a good Christian boy to work with!’”

Nikki Reed
: “The first time I met Jackson [Rathbone] was on the flight to Portland, and he had his guitar and his glasses, and I was thinking to myself, Oh boy, another introverted musician/actor. [Laughs] And I don’t really know what I thought of Rob. My opinion of Rob has always sort of been the same. He’s a great guy, he’s really talented, [but] we’re not as close as the rest of the cast.”

100 Monkeys på NewCon

Jackson och 100 Monkeys kommer att vara närvarande vid NewCon 2009 nästa månad!
Såhär står det på NewCon´s hemsida:

As you’ll soon see, our events are more like festivals than conventions. With that said, this is an event created to inspire creativity and awareness of the arts in all forms. Come with an open mind and bring your imagination!

Everyone is part of our community and we want all of you to feel welcomed. Our goal is for everyone to have a good time and not worry about whether or not you can bring your camera or if you’re allowed to say hi to a cast member. Of course you can!

We gear our daily events around things that are fun for the guests and the cast, which include art and poetry contests as well as musical acts. Winners from these contests get a private meet & greet with attending cast and band members. In addition, the winning poet will also have their work read LIVE at Saturday’s ball by an attending cast member.

Jackson Rathbone’s band, 100 Monkeys, will soon be tweeting about their ‘design your own t-shirt’ contest. The winning shirt will actually get printed as a limited edition item and sold on their website. All of the money from the sale of the winning t-shirt will be donated to the Spencer Bell Legacy project. Which brings up a good point. A portion of ALL of proceeds from the NewCon Festival will be donated to the Spencer Bell Legacy Project.

If you don’t know about Spencer Bell yet, you should click on the Spencer Bell button on our site or visit

The band will also be having an open JAM session for any musicians that want to participate. If that’s you, bring your bongos and let’s make it happen. Jackson and the band will also be bringing in other celebrities just for fun. It’s going to be a great weekend. 100 Monkeys will also be hosting a concert Saturday night after the ball.

We’ll have the webmasters from all of the top Twilight-inspired websites on-hand and in panel discussions talking to fans about starting and keeping up with their own websites.

There will be LIVE open forums on acting & modeling and how to break into the business. We will also have Q & A sessions with cast and crew members about anything and everything. If you’ve ever had a burning question that you just had to ask, here’s your chance.

Tickets to the NewCon Festival are limited, so get yours today and we’ll see you in Nashville!

Ashley Greene pratar om Jackson

I en intervju med Ashley Greene nämner hon Jackson en par gånger. Also it was obvious that the cast seem to be very tight. Do you guys have fun behind the scenes or is it a fairly serious atmosphere? Do you have any behind the scenes stories you’d like to share?
AG: We’re all like brothers and sisters, so we’re having fun all the time. Funny stories? Well, there’s a lot. But one funny thing we’re always doing with Kellan, Jack and Xavier is annoy Rob singing Katy Perry or Miley’s songs. We suck as singers, so we freak him out terribly. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time (if you have any!)?
AG: Hahahaha! We’re always going to Starbucks with Jackson or going shopping with the girls. And we’re going to have dinner with the cast on weekends, or go to concerts. We always find something fun to do together.


Läs hela artikeln här!

Jackson är i Wayland

Inatt lämnade Jackson Vancouver (där de filmar Eclipse) och åkte till Wayland, för att filma en film som heter Girlfriend. Regissören Shaun O’Banion har twitter och så här stod det där!

Det har varit dålig uppdatering nu på senare tid, men de har inte hänt något Jackson relaterat!

En fråga

Om ni fick ställa en valfri fråga till Jackson, vad skulle ni då fråga honom? Bara en fråga och det får var om allt mellan himmel och jord!

Sagt av "Mike"

“No, you can’t get mad at Jackson, he’s too adorable.”
-Michael Welch

Ni känner troligtvis igen honom som Mike i Twilgiht.

Veckans blogg?

Jag är med och tävlar om veckans blogg på!

Dagens bild

Dagens bild får denna bild stå för!

Jackson som Sokka i filmen The last airbender!



Bilder från New moon illustrated movie companion book!

Klicka här för att se ALLA bilder från New moon illustrated companion!

Tjuvkika på Hurt!

Två scener med Jackson i filmen Hurt! Med bar överkropp dessutom..! hehe





Intervju med 100 Monkeys

Se intervjun här!

This song is for you



on the set of Eclipse

Mera bilder från den 22:a september, samma dag som Jackson skadade handen!


Det här var förresten inlägg nr. 100! wohoo!

Dagens bild

..är en blid på Jackson när han är bara 5 år!



Jackson Rathbone, född 21 december 1984, är en amerikansk skådespelare.
Han är mest känd för sin roll som Nicholas Fiske i TV-serien Beautiful People och som Jasper Hale i filmen Twilight.
Jackson har även ett stort intresse för musik och är aktiv i bandet 100 monkeys.
Här på bloggen försöker jag hålla er uppdaterade med allt som heter
Jackson Rathbone.

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